Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do You Yearn For An Adult Toy Shopping Spree?

Ladies, please don’t be ashamed, though cute cease your blushing, and please don’t be shy; most of us clandestinely reach the “big O” by the assistance of devices. A little later in this blog I will offer the complete history of the female sex toy, giving a bit of history that these devices were in use centuries ago. I personally collect sex toy, however, I have very few in my collection; due to the expense that at this economic downtown, I cannot justify when my fingers can easily do the walking. Please join me, your friend, on the journey towards sexual health and freedom; I’m here for you and any inquires will be kept fully confidential.

Do you want to *win* $300 worth of adult sex toys from a product leader, Whether you are discreet or open, regarding your pleasures, this contest is for you. In guiding you to what you prefer, this contest also helps you to see that hundreds of options exist; for every woman, every kink, every partner, etc. Feel free to shop until your heart is contest and cross your fingers for announced winners. has set this giveaway/contest up in three simple ways
(1.) Don’t be afraid to go shopping, use the supplied shopping cart to create you “wish list”. I recommend asking your significant other for input and creating this together; get in touch with your own sexualities most important than any contest. Items should total nearly $300, do not stress yourself with an exact penny; nor is it cared about if you do over by a few dollars.

Second you are to post that list on your *blog*, tweet it, or public to Facebook; any website is fine but make sure it is friendly for 18+ viewers with this disclosed in your post. 1. Say a few words about why you are posting the links and a link that says ‘Sex Toys’. 2. Link back to the homepage. I have supplied that link for you, just click the hyperlinked text above.

(3.) Drop a line to to let them know where to view your wish list. This step *must* be followed as well as the above steps.

Selected Winner Notification May 31, 2010
Note: If you are the lucky winner you will be contacted at a supplied email, in the same business day; hurry you only have so long to claim your certificate! Remembered as impressive toys for your needs at frugal pricing; a leader for your sexual orgasms. 

Legalities: You must be 18+ to Enter and will be asked for age verification

Note: Requirements include a clean linking structured, most will do just fine; coders may have issues. Please check to see if what links you post are valid links before you send this forward. Thanks. is an accredited business
and passes BBB qualifications

Hollywood Chic

*I am no way being paid in any way, shape, or form for this write-up by any of the parties involved above. I am not affiliated with the company nor do anyone in my household work for the company; family included.
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