Monday, July 12, 2010

Product: Consumer Review of Tabu Toys and Their Elite Adult Toy Product Line

Whether you’re feeling vanilla, slightly kinky or are explosively yearning in lustful desires - Tabu Toys should be your first and only e-retailer for titillating stimulates. Offering extensive availabilities for women, men, and couples Tabu Toys provides something for everyone -- at prices and qualities that cannot be whipped, on the latest and the absolute greatest adult sex toys regime. Having ordered I know first handedly the perfection in products that curl your toes and would recommend the sizzling product retailer to those both unpresumptuous and basic in their sexual desires behind closed doors and defiantly I would have no reservations at making the suggestion to the exceptional exhibitionists on my exclusive lists. What are you waiting for, pull up your computer chair and wet your whistle (providing that you’re 18) with hundreds of products that just may turn you into an avid collector!

Ladies, do you slightly fear purchasing adult sex toys because you’re unsure what product best suits your dripping honey pot eager for more than just your man’s thrusting cleaver? Fear no more, Tabu Toys compassionately have made it quite simple for your fears to subside; offering a
sex toy quiz that yields perfect matched results for the best female sex toy to fit inside of you, or perhaps just tickle and rub up against that aching love button… Further questions can be addressed by considerate customer service, providing an adequate answer to your curious questioning; reached both by phone and electronic communication. There is now no need to allow your fears to outsource your pleasures, ladies, any longer; what a company provides to you should offer you insight into who they are and what they sell -- Tabu Toys goes far beyond expectations in customer service. For those looking for community engagement, which I highly suggest as I believe education and awareness, is powerfully important; an online Sex Community Forum is offered -- inquire with others, share your secrets, offer tips, and more in an accepting and supportive friendly environment. In a technology era, interpersonal communion can satisfy the desires of the mind while leading to friendships and even partnerships. Perhaps, you may discover my dirty little secrets there. :)

Armed only “with the best products on the market” instead of every sexual novelty made,
this influential leader takes pride in having sale’s consults to go the extra mile, while online these “sexperts” can help you with aroused questions -- such as the difference in a bullet and an egg vibrator or a plug and a probe dildo etc. Personally, I wouldn’t take my avid taboo anywhere else then the apex of Tabu Toys; for comfort, ease of purchase, customer support, reasonable non-budget breaking pricing, and quick discreet delivery with various options of shipping for those in a rush. Personally, I believe that products can be reviewed but with my respect and privilege as a consumer it is only fair to detail the business and the extra steps an adult business is willing to provide for their customers. I find this one ranks at the top.

Now onward to the toy chest! Today’s spotlight shines on the
Dreamers Heavenly Waterproof Vibrator; hot summer days, into the pool we cum! Cool off in the water and heat up in all the right spots with this stoutly made tool.  Uniquely designed, nearly artistic in build, this toy delicately cups itself around the hardening clit with vibrant vibrations to achieve an orgasm perfect for ladies starting out with sex toy devices. I myself felt that while powerful it was a touch underpowered for my purring pussy, but I’m used to high powered rifles of adult product nature as a submissive that desires electrifying orgasms; however I feel this would go above and beyond those females starting out giving tastes of erotic excitement. The vibration has precision accuracy to make one squirm in bed, when left on the clit for those dirty “bad” girls like me, a definite plus. Requiring 2 AA batteries that are not included in the device, the tool is made from safe materials for the body, and measures five (5) inches in length by 1.75 inches around. Ladies, starting out this is an ideal size for sexual enhancements. Waterproof construction allows the Dreamers Heavenly Waterproof Vibrator to go where most toys can’t -- tested and approved for relaxing in a jetted tub. 

Be *advised* that the stoutness mentioned above means this toy needs to be used with water-based lubricant; such as my newly purchased and highly recommended Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Gel due to the product being that of a intense clitoral stimulate it functions perfectly for the vibrator with intensified clitoral suction designs -- increase your health with organic natural made products while saving the environment. Such lube is very thin  and only a bit goes a long way reducing costs.

Aloe Candara Organic Lubricant for vaginal pleasure, a slick gel that is free of skin irritents, it's very light polish is not as heavy due to it's organic make; thus giving it a thin and texture. Tabu Toys cannot be held responsible for what you should know when it comes to skin irritation and provides organic alternatives for this… Trust me you do not want a reaction on your kitten, it’s a very odd trip to the emergency room
Giggles - Believe me ;). Large Images

Unique Design: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Intensity: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Pricing 5 out of 5 stars
Noise: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Satisfaction: 4 out of 5 stars

"A wonderful solo toy for those virginal to the wide word of kink and glamorous ladies just starting out wanting the best."

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Product: Technology Gadget Or Sex Toy VibroPod? Hooks Into All Mp3 Players

Some data below is intended for a mature viewing audiance
Over 18.

The twenty first century is a
century of innovation. Living within a fast paced globally interconnected society we often disregard must needed self pleasures as life beckons with a stout expression, be it work duties or family musts -- our time is far too often limited to implore the items that are currently on the market for the thriving purpose of female gratifications. Myself, I am a self professed technology geek and very proud of the education I have in the area. I possess a strong bond for today’s current innovation; always getting excited when I lay hands on quality technology gadgets that are to believe in as a kid in the newest local candy shop. The current Internet is prime grounds for the investigation into top quality technology related products, each responsible for a different function depending on the “latest and greatest” gadget -- paying for quality with a hefty price tag, usually. My latest interests find is not just a technology gadget but is also classified female self pleasure tech gadget; the VibroPod Digital Music Vibe from elite adult toy retailer Eden Fantasys. Once hearing it’s classification as a dual purpose device, my senses went wild and nearly demented as a must have! Its purchase price at under $50 gives it a vibrant glow as quite possibly the best tech related gadget for 2010.

Scientists often classify the genre of music we find “
desirable” as that of a natural aphrodisiac, which I found very interesting as this could possibly be reason as to why my personal music library holds over seventy-thousand (70,000) songs; put to a devoted external hard-drive. I do not leave my house without a trusted Mp3 player that has exceptional storage space for thousands of favorite tunes in itself, dependable memory for the music I love is critically important; as music plays a vital role in becoming the soundtrack to my personal life -- singing along from a few minutes after waking until a few hours before relaxing silently in a swanky spa tub. The VibroPod can be classified as that of adult sex toys but also classified as the world renowned technological related gadget of the year, buzzing away with steams of music! Music in itself can empower our human emotions so much so that triggering can range from laughter to tears, however when an avid music lover mixes the emotion yield of music with the top quality of a female self pleasure tool; it just doesn’t get any better!! An opulent design the VibroPod is something I continue to recommend to any woman who needs stimulated relation but has a fierce passion for music as well; once you go VibroPod Digital Music Vibe ladies you’ll never feel the same in relation to your musical predilection ever again! It’s something I guarantee, highly proud to share my hidden secrets for relaxation after a difficult day at work or with life itself.

With a study and durable build this was a device made to go anywhere, perfectly clipping on to your panties and with a small controller that easily can be concealed under your clothes or as a “technology” controller --
no one will ever know that your music is delivering a heavy-duty vibration to all the right spots! Plugging into any Mp3 player for intensive erythematic sensation, with such a controller the headphones simplistically plug into the controller so that everything equals out -- California Exotic Novelties has included everything you would need to “rock and scream” as I did with my favorite rock-n-roll song even a nice quality lavish container bag for the parts that come with the device. Headphones are on you to purchase as so many have their own preferences. Ladies, this extravagant device works with or without the Mp3 player that it was fashioned for but my suggestion is to utilize the VibroPod for its intended use. Performing a pulsations, vibrations, and pattern escalation that tally to eight assorted functionalities, each different and each making toe curls with devious excitement. My experience with the eight functions was one that I could not get enough of, especially the mighty intensified vibration at intense levels that some may find too much. In fact I still cannot get enough of the fact an adult novelty toy can be coupled with my avid devotion of “fast, hard, and subwoofer bumping” music.

Note: The eight methods are for singular use without the intended Mp3 player, with such player the pink probe will become a favorite tool as the intensity of the music is coordinated with the intensity of the powerful workmanship. The automatic vibration function occurs as soon as the music comes on and floods the brain with natural pheromones for quality orgasmic relation with every word. My suggestion, ladies, is to quickly find and know where the skip button is on your Mp3 device. You’ll need it! Eden Fantasys went above and beyond stocking their website with this oh so precious treasure! 

Running Down a Dream with VibroPod:
Innovation: 5 of 5 stars
Functionality 5 of 5 stars
Sound: 3 of 5 stars
Buzz Intensity: 4.5 of 5 stars
Achieving the Big O: 5 of 5 stars

“..a new innovative way to the ways of music..”
“…pure perfection you can take on the go…”

-A geek and music lovers dream, innovative technology
-Study and durable parts
-Easy to use EZ-Touch Buttons
-Use with or without player
-Functions with the beat when adapted to an Mp3 player
-Functions with 8 powerful functions (assorted) without an Mp3 player

-Cords and Jacks included
-Posh Carrying case assures no part to be lost
-An exhibitionist “take along for the ride” dream toy
-Phthalates free/Hypo Allergenic/ Food Grade Material
-Latex Free Constructive Rod
-Great Power From Two (2) AAA’s as a multifunction toy
-Lights up with dark room use

“many of remarkable digital music features coupled with today’s entertainment for a 5 star general kind of orgasm”

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:
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-Don’t Be Silly Wrap Your Willy-