Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal Photo: So What Is The Deal With Bigger Boobs?

Many bloggers are knowledgeable that a
blog hops assists in interpersonal communication and the building of busty relationships with new friends, blog hops are dominate with those, who like me, enjoy product testing a variety of goods -- often termed “PR Blogs”. Blogging mother MannLand5 fashioned a superior blog hop leading to both friendship and interpersonal relationships presently named “Getting to Know You”. Simplistic in function, eight assorted questions are posed at participating bloggers who publicly answer them on their blogs; once posted the direct link to such post is placed in the blog hop allowing hundreds of women discover fresh new relationships, innovative new products, companies, and unlimited ideas from true diversity of empowered women (and a few super dads, too!)

On Sunday an interesting question was posed in regards to physical appearance, “
if you had the money would plastic surgery what would you get done”. It was just pointed out that most women answered that they desire lavish breast implants or a lift to boost perkiness that may have been lost with pregnancy or age. In fact, I answered such question explaining my rather odd obsession with bigger breasts, even an all natural 34DD at current; still I embrace the thought of adding another D to my cup size. Now the question that has been posed is, has twenty-first century society tainted our mind with the yearning for the perfect pair of breasts; regardless of cost and seemingly forgetting the ripple effect that many surgeries lead to -- which leads to extra thousands to be spend on another surgery for correction?

Ladies, be proud of who you are;
whether or not you believe that you are indeed falling apart on the outside, you are beautiful just the way you are on the inside -- the exterior is only a shell of what really matters. With the craving of implants gotten, scheduled, saving for, or merely an implored dirty little secret what matters is that we are women; our seemingly never ending roles never expire and we all covet a remarkable imprint, that imprint is the good intentions of being true to ourselves.

Breast Implant Statistics:
-According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
more than 8.7 million procedures were performed in the United States during 2003. Over a quarter million of those appearance altering surgeries were breast augmentations; a number that increased by 32% from the prior year of 2002.
-According to website “
All About Breast Surgery”, which is highly skewed to those who recently had such body enhancing surgery; I found that in a single study only 72.3% of women liked their results, 25% wished they had went with a larger cup size, 4% wished they had gotten a smaller sized implant, more than 81% did such to boost their self-esteem, while 39% of women claim their breasts were far too small, and 77.4% agreed that they thought today’s media exploited the women/put too much pressure on women.
-Lastly, according to the
Food and Drug Administration between 20-40% of current day breast implant surgery patients required a corrective surgery to fix the initial surgery that thousands were spent on, 9% of saline implants deflate over just a few years, 1 in 80 augmentation surgery lead to infection which in return yields the need for amputation, 42.1% reported lopsided or uneven breasts to the FDA which lead them to increase their stout warnings to women in 2009 that augmentation breast cosmetic surgery can lead to complication or death. This is not to say that great doctors exist and great surgeries occur daily, as a note.

Thus I have taken a photo of my all natural breasts, knowing the above information, to proudly remind myself I am perfect just the way I am. If you got them, real or fake, bare them and be proud of them. Remembering self breast exams, as even breast cancer occurs in those with implants. [Information credited from Medline & WebMd]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Product: Babeland's Golden Bullet is My Golden Ticket

Vital to maintaining a healthy sex life is having the knowledge in how to keep it rich with excitement, for both you and your partner. In order to achieve certain levels of bliss and try something new it is strongly recommended to start gazing at adult sex toys, if you do not feel comfortable with such name you may call them toys or martial aids. The most common type of adult sex toy that is turned to for the stimulation of the female is the vibrators, but not just any kind; the bullet vibrator is the best selling of all sex toy options as it stimulates both partners and toys like the Golden Bullet takes the climax of orgasms to brand new heights.

I own several, when I say several –bites lip- I mean about twenty bullet type vibrators of a wide assortment of classifications; I simply love them and highly recommend them to any woman -- be it solo masturbation, a virgin of sex toys, partner play, or achieve a stronger toe curling orgasm. I was excited Babeland had an option for the
Golden Bullet and was more than happy to try and now I am beyond trilled that I did as I have never came across a more powerful and fun bullet vibrator.

I find bullet vibrators to be great because they deliver the buzz straight to the hardening clit that aches for pleasure and play, as I said prior they can be used easily during pray and zap both male and female with the sensation from wonderland. For those looking to start out look no further then the
Golden Bullet sold at Babeland, the product itself is frugal in pricing and with the use of only 2 AA batteries the thrill of vibration is beyond tantalizing! Mmm. Bullets come in a variety of shapes and sizes all stocked by Babeland for taking your pleasure and your orgasm to the apex. They are a true great investment and every woman should own one or five –giggles-.

I love my luxurious Gold Bullet from Babeland, it is the picture perfect sex toy that delivers the definite climax to scream to and keep going from for me. I usually keep going until I can feel the battery weaken, which is why I detest using watch battery bullet vibators. The Gold Bullet takes 2 AA batteries and is powerful beyond belief, the batteries are simple to put in; while the twisting cap fully adjusts speed to deliver the quite buzz that my hungry kitten needs. I have taken this vibrator out in public with me without being caught by anyone but my fiancĂ©, oops; because this little cookie is virtually without a sound. Also I have tested and approved the spashproof function with delicate perfection and no hindering of the product; I would not submerge the item in a tub or a pool personally. My favorite is that this Gold Bullet is larger at 2 and ¾ by ½ than most of its kin so it packs a powerful punch to the clit; the construction is very strong and durable for a long lasting tool and it’s make up is metallic-coated plastic. It does not ship with a battery which is perfect to the fiery hot south; you do not want your toy to be skipped with acid right?

Frugal Pricing: $15

Buzz Volume 5 out of 5
Functionality 5 out of 5
Intensity 5 of out 5
Website: Please note this toy takes 2 AA batteries not the N battery

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Product: TabuToys Delivers The Orgasm Seven Times Over

Designed with curves in mind the CyberSilicone 7x G-Spot Hot Handle is by far not your average feminine toy but rests simply at the apex of adult sex toys. Controlled by two dominant vibrating motors requiring two AA batteries, both vibrating heads performed above expectations; operational with intensive strength climax is guaranteed quicker and with a forceful toe curling sheet grabbing focus. Doubling as both a clitoral stimulator and G-spot device, ladies this could possibility be the most “aristocratic” device that you could ever desire to add to your collection; delivering a superior orgasm each time, time and time again. Measuring 6” x 1.5” x 1” the CyberSilicone 7x G-Spot Hot Handle sexual self pleasure should not be passed up due to its twenty-first century innovative non-traditional design, my luscious ladies you must know this design was customized by professionals to bathe the curves of our female body – ergonomically. Soft to the touch with a delightful caress when meeting the tender flesh of the vagina, the sensitive construction of such device is made simply from the best with a reminder that no phthalates were used in the manufacturing process. Analyzed many times due to the sheer addictiveness of hard-hitting orgasms, TabuToys has discreetly delivered a peculiar sense of giggling internally with this top-rated and high quality product; purchased at a mere $49.76.

At first I must say that I was very skeptical judging the adult product solely by the grace of its unique anomalous design, my first thought was how something that appeared as the device functioned to take me to seventh heaven. Boy!!! Did I ever get the
astounding surprise of my life when I inserted two AA batteries into the controller, I absolutely pride product makers of the fact the stoutly built and easy to grip controller itself comes with a very accommodating length of high quality electrics but of vital importance it’s designed with top-quality push buttons instead of a switch device that ladies you know can become beyond frustrating during intense sexual concentration. My toying with this toying product was to be used only for the lusted after sexual phone sessions that get my kitty ready to unleash her wildcat ways. Once I pushed the button to initially switch the product on I knew right away, within seconds, I was holding a gem in my hands that I would not allow out of my sight! I giggled as a school-girl with a brand new dolly, which I was too act out for Master, from just reviewing the assorted variety of functions and vibrations; most time outspoken, I simply have no words to describe them but seven-times “fantastic!!”

Oh god! Where do I begin? The Cybersilicone 7x G-Spot Hot Handle is a toy that my kitty wishes to
hop on and ride, for hours; I believe the first time I had this dazzler in the right place I squirted –giggles- ten times in a row! I’m telling you ladies, this toy will have your honey pot doing grateful things that you never before knew existed -- a 110% percent rating from me and also my partner, we decided that this little sucker would be reserved merely as my personal “hum-and-cum” -- simply meaning Master gives me permission to use such solo while he’s at work. Thank you Sir! In being honest I believe solo would be my sincere suggestion due to the attack of pleasure in the device, however it can give couples a great candid bond in the bedroom. In a lush lilac color that I find to be as sweet and pleasing as myself, I found the handle to be the best I have ever gripped; easily it can be bended and shoved harder into that “ripe” spot that leads to profanities being screamed from innocent lips -- with summer pool time upcoming it’s also wonderful to know that the toy is in the classification of waterproof. Psst, it’s also very nice to have inside due to the quite sound when in public; an exhibitionist’s dream; yum!

It just doesn’t get any better from TabuToys

Function Perks:
- Seven functions each getting stronger in intensity with a push of a well designed button; built to last in durable and phthalate free silicone.
-The first speed is intensive clit stimulation complete with nubs that tickle the fancy. While the third activates the G-spot vibration; again each delicate touch yields a stronger speed
Amazing!! Between the toy itself alternatives functions, with every second/forth/sixth controller manipulation; at times constant, at times feeling as if vibrating shivers are being sent to the proper locals, and at times feeling as if dancing is occurring between bullet like shots of power! (My favorite!)
-Pleasing color
-No smell
-Easy Clean Up
-Waterproof sex toy
-Top ranked
-Perfect for solo use and pleasing for couples, great toy to be introduced to the “virginal toy” lady as well as one that has never messed prior with G-spot stimulation; yes girls you have one – let this toy find it!
-Intense very intense! Top rated intensity.
-Very discreet and quite
, great for public play

Hollywood Chic’s Assessment:
Intensity: 5 of 5 stars
Function 5 of 5 stars
Deliverance: 5 of 5 stars
Noise: 5 of 5 stars

A pussy
perfect score and don’t forget the lube at TabuToys

Don’t Be Silly Wrap Your Willy-

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mmm: Vajazzle Your Vagina

Vajazzling is the new trend
…have you thought about it…

Not just popularized but practically invented by the attractively single Jennifer Love Hewitt, many kittens are purring to become vajazzled; I know mine is. Released worldwide June 8, 2010 to be “vajazzled” sensually means to have aesthetic crystals applied to a smoothly shaved vagina for the added ting of sizzling sparkle in a region secret to many; adding sophistication and appeal adhesive kits are being sold in ten various designs in packs of twenty-five (assorted) and can be applied for yourself and your lover in under a minute. For luscious ladies who live near to the elegant Completely Bare spa in New York City, a simple appointment leads to a regal regional excusive treatment fresh with a Brazilian wax; various locations are also participating in such glorified sparkle. Under radar and “with a flare” the Completely Bare spa in New York City has offered such treatment now for over a decade and ladies let me tell you, it’s oh so posh!

Swarovski crystals are lush in their shimmer and each are applied to the top part of the raging kitty; again, of course after the area has been stripped smooth of any lasting follicle. Personally, I an inquiring mind must ask how long does the shimmer last; research shows that the Simply Bare guarantees crystallized placement for five days or replaces the gems for the Vajazzling procedure for free. Now my kitten is ready to try, because all girls now want to be “Vajazzled”.

I must admit, my fierce kitty couldn’t wait the three weeks that are required by the Completely Bare spa for the best results of their magnificent wax. I consistently shave without missing a single day, perhaps a bit obsessive, but the thought of one meager follicle of hair on my honey pot is nearly revolting to me; I take great pride in the daily care of lady parts.

As a tip: Ladies if you have never had the experience of a Brazilian wax via spa treatment, it is as unpleasant as it sounds; heating wax and ripping the hair out in a couple of acute placement of the paper. Yes, it does hurt; but if you are planning to keep this up you may indeed get used to it or if you are a kinksters who orgasms with pain this is perfect for you. I prefer a fresh shave, daily; with baby powder and baby lotion for that supple splurge. If you do such at home as I wish to attempt I’m unsure if you must wax or shave very meticulously as I do.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Product: Tabu Toys Clit Bullet on Steroids

We’ve all seen those tiny products in many adult sex toy retailers, called “bullets”. Confused about their small size and the power they could bequeath, the biggest mistake that a woman can made is passing these deceitful delights up! The Power Breeze Clit Bullet was built with kink in mind, not just a bullet clitoral vibrator -- but a Hollywood Sizzling approved as a clit vibe on steroids! A perfect addiction, I often take these discreet small devices with me to and fro; depending on my partner’s request with the only problem that of concealing my public gasping gratification. Once again delivered by Tabu Toys, this tender touch passionate lilac bullet has not just a single speed but three; each chief to that perfect climax -- if not careful even a scream or two guaranteed!

Dripping in contemplation, the Power Breeze Clit Bullet is proven to last longer as it requires 4 AAA batteries instead of a single watch battery discovered to be powering three of the four clit stimulating bullets I personally own. This sheer fact of increased power creates an intense vibration that I call pretty plucking priceless; in fact I wouldn’t leave my house without this little guy. I, personally stay away from those toys with a single flat battery due to the disappointment in exhausted mojo -- from a single scorching session of plentiful self discovery. With the Power Breeze Clit Bullet, power proves to be of no hindrance.

Yes, luscious ladies I have no shame in admitting the fact that I’ve gotten in trouble rocking this bullet publicly; simple to do if you’re not prone to screaming when your body shakes with extremity curling contentment. As a very dirty dirty girl, I highly recommend the three demanding speeds of this beefed up little bullet; a Tabu Toy best selling product. Additionally this bullet is soft in its touch against your satin like skin and gives so much stimulation that you may never need to call your partner out of his noon time meeting again; as long as you stock up on batteries.

Intense at all three various levels
Small enough for public use
Recommended for beginning use
Superb warm up teaser
Will discover “that” button and proper spot every time
Packs a punch!
Intensive Level: 5 out of 5 stars
Function: 5 of 5 stars
Orgasm: "Damn, Whoa!"

Cost and Requirements:


Four AA Batteries (not included)

Don't Play Silly Wrap Your Willy

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The Hello Bunny Rabbit Vibe

Ladies Say Hello to the Big “O”. From the Hello Bunny.

Pulsate your way into sensational ecstasy, direct from the Hello Bunny multi-function vibrator; shipped discreetly from the tantalizing kinksters at Tabu Toys. With a pussy-cat pink 5.5 inch nontoxic shaft made from TBA Silicone Gel, this devious creation yields a toe curling sex-a-licious experience that delivers each and every time. Uniquely lit by a LED lighting technology, vibrators like those offered by Tabu Toys are distinctive to this top-rated adult product sex toy retailer; this LED lighting feature is a luxuriant feature -- optional in its use to converge your desires. Recommended for purring kittens, this top selling Hello Bunny’s sleek solid base was built with flawless deviation, providing multiple orgasms from variable speeds; personally my partner and I like to think of f...f...fast as the only choice for this pet, yet product makers slipped in a slow and medium to buzz those building themselves to explosion –-  just one of the better sex techniques Hollywood Sizzling will be teaching in blogs to follow, directly from her own honey pot of steamy secrets. However, be careful as the experience you are about to encounter may wake up the neighbors; invite them in for coffee and a teasing show complete with your own video! 

This rabbit vibe is recommended, both by Tabu Toys and Hollywood Sizzling, for use with plenty of water-based lube so not to cause damage to the quality material, optionally purchased in the store for a pleasing low price.

Functionality: 5 out of 5 stars
Intensity: 5 out of 5 starts
Buzz: Medium/Loud
Orgasm: “Give Me More Daddy” meets "Mmm Mmm Gawd"!

Cost and Requirements

Three AA Batteries (not included in packaging)
Hollywood Used & Approved!

Don’t Be Silly Wrap Your Willy-