Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lola G-Spot Vibrator From The Elite Tabu Toys Chest

No longer considered as taboo, adult sex toys no longer remain mute in the twenty-first century society; now innovative, safe, popular, and of vital importance to ascertaining a healthy sexual disposition. Sex remains a multi-million dollar industry resulting in the creation of purposeful, unique, and straight to the point sexual aids; each diverse to its own purpose and put on the market to explode the senses of a relationship instead of hindering love making. Enhancing the experience and a tool to go to continued heights sex toys are largely popular with females and males today where as two decades ago similar assistance would have been nearly shunned; today the market grows stoutly as more voices are heard to that in which they enjoy. After much research as to my own sexuality, my husband and I explored the offering of many sexual based online retailers; we found comfort in Tabu Toys to provide us with a toe curling sexual enhanced experience due in part to the respect for that found taboo or kinky – which we’re all about.

Several weeks ago, I received Tabu Toys violet Lola G-Spot Massager, an avid supporter that a female must have a diverse collection of sex toys the request was new as like many woman I had not attempted the stimulation of the G-spot prior with the assistance of a sex toy; upon opening and cleaning the product I was without clue as to what I would expect from the sleek product. To be quite honest I was unsure as to the pleasure I would receive from play with the elite female G-spot and if I would receive pleasure at all; without knowledge in all regards. The Lola G-Spot Massager is streamlined and simplistic in its design but heavy in its function and intensity; seamless and smooth on the surface the toy can also be brought into shower sessions due to its water proof capabilities – which to my partner and I is indeed a plus. After equipping the tool of a lovely light purple tone with its required two (2) AA batteries I desired to initially try the pleasure of the toy alone, a bit shy due again to being as most and virgin to the g-spot as all I could think of at the time was the inquiry in my head of pain or pleasure. The intimate Berman Lola G-Spot Vibrator quickly rocked my world and curled my toes to an orgasm as I had never experienced. With the assistance of G-Spot stimulation the orgasm took me by surprise as it occurred so quickly then before, not even a full three minutes after inserting it inside an anticipating kitty I quickly realized the location of my own G-spot, the vibration was quite intense and can be controlled traditionally on the battery compartment knob as many vibrators of the same subjection. At a full 5 star recommendation, I believe this toy to be the perfect G-Spot stimulation introduction to women like me that are virgins to the experience; an experience that only increased in pleasure as well as a gushing orgasm once my husband became involved in the sexual sinfully delicious play. Also you should not that I found the toy to be a perfect toy for clitoral stimulation during sex as well as a priceless anal teaser where no penetration was forced only teased and taunted til I merisly desired to scream and beg my husband for much more of the plentiful and powerful tool for trade. I must note that due to personal desire I would liked the sex toy to be a much thicker girth however the size is perfect for the intended use. Ladies, Tabu Toys and their Berman Lola G-Spot Vibrator is defiantly one needing the investment and not one to fear in any reason or regard, I just love it as does my husband; it’s perfect for waking up to sexual pleasure as well as waking up the internal desire of the playful needs of Ms. Kitty.

Loudness – This toy is louder than I would have liked decreasing the ability to take it with me for play outside the home.
Vibration – Multi speed and easy to control
Intensity – Very intense leading to wonderful orgasms that are a new experience
Cost – Very low cost and well worth the money $26
Construction – Sleek construction, very simplistic, however very nice feel interior of the vagina with a curved tip that touches just the right place; there is no missing the vaginal g-spot with the construction and top rated safe materials
Overall – 4 out of 5 stars a perfect value and a recommended addition to the family

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