Monday, May 31, 2010

Discover The Big O With The First Tingle Tender Touch Vibrator

A wholesome and healthy sex life is of vital importance when coupled together with marriage or relationship. Sexual health impinges on all aspects of our lives, from the sustainability of a career to the strength of a family. As an area of active learning, regardless of your age, sexuality should be properly explored -- both singularly and as a partnership. By no means am I suggesting that your first approach to the topic will be an easy and comfortable feat, much like losing your virginity, actively initializing an open and honest sexual discussion will be uncomfortable; however much like falling you much get back to your feet. You must remember that every life form that subsists on this vast Earth was brought into existence simply through the reproductive practice known as sex and that sex should never be focused on as an aspect limited to reproduction but greatly for pleasure. Living a very open sexual life, I encourage this thought as life is that of a new beginning and when properly thought of as the start of destiny, sex starts to seem less clinical and picturesque of pleasure.

Neglecting your sexuality can be incredibly self destructive as one who disregards their own self-pleasure neglects who they are as an individual, leading to the loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. Simply, if you abandon yourself so your self-confidence drops the effect is then transferred to how you perform as a parent, a professional, a partner, and more critically as that of a person. Low self-confidence leads to in-decisiveness that in return may source to job loss and even the loss of a relationship, marriage, or partner. Get in touch with your sexual health and voice your pleasures to the man/woman you are engaged in a partnership with before that relationship is poisoned by self-victimization -- tomorrow it may be too late. A great way to start exploring the sexuality is through the use of adult sex toys. Vibrators and dildos were made for such purpose and not that of smut, a single sex toy can supplement itself towards blissful satisfaction that leads to a healthier life through orgasms more incredible than ever anticipated -- open yourself up to the endless possibilities of your own sizzling sexual pleasure.

Recently I had the professional pleasure to work with Eden’s Fantasys to add spark to an already fierce sexual relationship with my fiancé. Seven years after our first intimate and very public get together our ember of heightened sexual pleasure never has a chance of growing cold or for that matter flickering out; sparking three times a day at times. Personally I like to think of my ol’ dirty biker as the drug that I need. However, as I voice openly to my friends who gasp with disbelief at sexual openness; it’s not the quality that matter but the quality of the drug –- sex with my ol’ man, of course, being the drug. Eden’s Fantasys provided me with a delightful chance to product test the First Tingle Tender Touch, a gracious action that left my fiancé with a mere four words; you’re in for it! I, of course, giggled.

 Shipping from Eden’s Fantasys is very fast and 110% discreet, so future consumers it is strongly encouraged that you fear not. In fact, Eden Fantasy’s gives you an option to write a notification on your package as to where to leave the package if you are not home when your cookies arrive. I suggest using this option as I did, “leave at the gate” so that you do not get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and open your package in front of family/friends/coworkers. In fact this personalized note was the only thing that gave indication that the white box was from Eden. Again, it is highly suggested that this be your notification system; as you are not going to know what’s in the box without such. Leading to 100% discreet and safe delivery.

Wasting no time, I cleaned the toy and got it ready for our personal assessment; the toy was everything that was photographed on the website; 100% correct of the actual size! Making Eden Fantasys unique is the fact that adult toys are pictured in actual size format, leading to the unpacking of exactly what you ordered! Then came the product test, a “wake up the neighborhood” orgasm, and the conclusion:

The First Tingle Tender Touch is a very powerful sleek and compact multifunction clitoral vibrator; also known as a rabbit vibrator. There are three various functions, that operates at various speeds that are controlled at the base with certain ease; I myself found the controlling to be exceptionally easy when used singularly and even more tantalizing when used with my fiancé at the control -- his one speed “fast” is certainly able to do with this 4AA battery operated toy. Made from soft and safe jelly the feel of the toy is silky smooth without a displeasing out of the box odor that many jelly related toys have, the moveable clitoral tip is lush and especially satin-like; feeling similar to the wanted *tongue* in all the right places! However, the greatest value of The First Tingle Tender Touch Rabbit Vibe is that the intensity is so much more than our expectations could have ever asked for. Sizzing, sensual, and sensational this toy is a top quality "rabbit" vibe that deliciously takes your sexuality to new and improved heights; successful in both a partnered or masturbationary role.

(1). The controller scares me a bit as it seems a bit flimsy if used “often” however, after a dozen or so uses in less than a week it seems to be functioning as it should.
(2). The sound could be a disadvantage of this magic wand, it buzzes a bit loudly for my tastes; so there is no way I would take this precious gem out in public.

Function: 5 out of 5 stars!
Intensity: 5 out of 5 stars!
Buzz: Loud! Not a public toy.
The Big O: 5 out of 5 stars!

~Reviewed & Approved~

Cost $49.99

-Don't Be Silly Wrap Your Willy-

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