Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Product: TabuToys Delivers The Orgasm Seven Times Over

Designed with curves in mind the CyberSilicone 7x G-Spot Hot Handle is by far not your average feminine toy but rests simply at the apex of adult sex toys. Controlled by two dominant vibrating motors requiring two AA batteries, both vibrating heads performed above expectations; operational with intensive strength climax is guaranteed quicker and with a forceful toe curling sheet grabbing focus. Doubling as both a clitoral stimulator and G-spot device, ladies this could possibility be the most “aristocratic” device that you could ever desire to add to your collection; delivering a superior orgasm each time, time and time again. Measuring 6” x 1.5” x 1” the CyberSilicone 7x G-Spot Hot Handle sexual self pleasure should not be passed up due to its twenty-first century innovative non-traditional design, my luscious ladies you must know this design was customized by professionals to bathe the curves of our female body – ergonomically. Soft to the touch with a delightful caress when meeting the tender flesh of the vagina, the sensitive construction of such device is made simply from the best with a reminder that no phthalates were used in the manufacturing process. Analyzed many times due to the sheer addictiveness of hard-hitting orgasms, TabuToys has discreetly delivered a peculiar sense of giggling internally with this top-rated and high quality product; purchased at a mere $49.76.

At first I must say that I was very skeptical judging the adult product solely by the grace of its unique anomalous design, my first thought was how something that appeared as the device functioned to take me to seventh heaven. Boy!!! Did I ever get the
astounding surprise of my life when I inserted two AA batteries into the controller, I absolutely pride product makers of the fact the stoutly built and easy to grip controller itself comes with a very accommodating length of high quality electrics but of vital importance it’s designed with top-quality push buttons instead of a switch device that ladies you know can become beyond frustrating during intense sexual concentration. My toying with this toying product was to be used only for the lusted after sexual phone sessions that get my kitty ready to unleash her wildcat ways. Once I pushed the button to initially switch the product on I knew right away, within seconds, I was holding a gem in my hands that I would not allow out of my sight! I giggled as a school-girl with a brand new dolly, which I was too act out for Master, from just reviewing the assorted variety of functions and vibrations; most time outspoken, I simply have no words to describe them but seven-times “fantastic!!”

Oh god! Where do I begin? The Cybersilicone 7x G-Spot Hot Handle is a toy that my kitty wishes to
hop on and ride, for hours; I believe the first time I had this dazzler in the right place I squirted –giggles- ten times in a row! I’m telling you ladies, this toy will have your honey pot doing grateful things that you never before knew existed -- a 110% percent rating from me and also my partner, we decided that this little sucker would be reserved merely as my personal “hum-and-cum” -- simply meaning Master gives me permission to use such solo while he’s at work. Thank you Sir! In being honest I believe solo would be my sincere suggestion due to the attack of pleasure in the device, however it can give couples a great candid bond in the bedroom. In a lush lilac color that I find to be as sweet and pleasing as myself, I found the handle to be the best I have ever gripped; easily it can be bended and shoved harder into that “ripe” spot that leads to profanities being screamed from innocent lips -- with summer pool time upcoming it’s also wonderful to know that the toy is in the classification of waterproof. Psst, it’s also very nice to have inside due to the quite sound when in public; an exhibitionist’s dream; yum!

It just doesn’t get any better from TabuToys

Function Perks:
- Seven functions each getting stronger in intensity with a push of a well designed button; built to last in durable and phthalate free silicone.
-The first speed is intensive clit stimulation complete with nubs that tickle the fancy. While the third activates the G-spot vibration; again each delicate touch yields a stronger speed
Amazing!! Between the toy itself alternatives functions, with every second/forth/sixth controller manipulation; at times constant, at times feeling as if vibrating shivers are being sent to the proper locals, and at times feeling as if dancing is occurring between bullet like shots of power! (My favorite!)
-Pleasing color
-No smell
-Easy Clean Up
-Waterproof sex toy
-Top ranked
-Perfect for solo use and pleasing for couples, great toy to be introduced to the “virginal toy” lady as well as one that has never messed prior with G-spot stimulation; yes girls you have one – let this toy find it!
-Intense very intense! Top rated intensity.
-Very discreet and quite
, great for public play

Hollywood Chic’s Assessment:
Intensity: 5 of 5 stars
Function 5 of 5 stars
Deliverance: 5 of 5 stars
Noise: 5 of 5 stars

A pussy
perfect score and don’t forget the lube at TabuToys

Don’t Be Silly Wrap Your Willy-

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