Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal Photo: So What Is The Deal With Bigger Boobs?

Many bloggers are knowledgeable that a
blog hops assists in interpersonal communication and the building of busty relationships with new friends, blog hops are dominate with those, who like me, enjoy product testing a variety of goods -- often termed “PR Blogs”. Blogging mother MannLand5 fashioned a superior blog hop leading to both friendship and interpersonal relationships presently named “Getting to Know You”. Simplistic in function, eight assorted questions are posed at participating bloggers who publicly answer them on their blogs; once posted the direct link to such post is placed in the blog hop allowing hundreds of women discover fresh new relationships, innovative new products, companies, and unlimited ideas from true diversity of empowered women (and a few super dads, too!)

On Sunday an interesting question was posed in regards to physical appearance, “
if you had the money would plastic surgery what would you get done”. It was just pointed out that most women answered that they desire lavish breast implants or a lift to boost perkiness that may have been lost with pregnancy or age. In fact, I answered such question explaining my rather odd obsession with bigger breasts, even an all natural 34DD at current; still I embrace the thought of adding another D to my cup size. Now the question that has been posed is, has twenty-first century society tainted our mind with the yearning for the perfect pair of breasts; regardless of cost and seemingly forgetting the ripple effect that many surgeries lead to -- which leads to extra thousands to be spend on another surgery for correction?

Ladies, be proud of who you are;
whether or not you believe that you are indeed falling apart on the outside, you are beautiful just the way you are on the inside -- the exterior is only a shell of what really matters. With the craving of implants gotten, scheduled, saving for, or merely an implored dirty little secret what matters is that we are women; our seemingly never ending roles never expire and we all covet a remarkable imprint, that imprint is the good intentions of being true to ourselves.

Breast Implant Statistics:
-According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
more than 8.7 million procedures were performed in the United States during 2003. Over a quarter million of those appearance altering surgeries were breast augmentations; a number that increased by 32% from the prior year of 2002.
-According to website “
All About Breast Surgery”, which is highly skewed to those who recently had such body enhancing surgery; I found that in a single study only 72.3% of women liked their results, 25% wished they had went with a larger cup size, 4% wished they had gotten a smaller sized implant, more than 81% did such to boost their self-esteem, while 39% of women claim their breasts were far too small, and 77.4% agreed that they thought today’s media exploited the women/put too much pressure on women.
-Lastly, according to the
Food and Drug Administration between 20-40% of current day breast implant surgery patients required a corrective surgery to fix the initial surgery that thousands were spent on, 9% of saline implants deflate over just a few years, 1 in 80 augmentation surgery lead to infection which in return yields the need for amputation, 42.1% reported lopsided or uneven breasts to the FDA which lead them to increase their stout warnings to women in 2009 that augmentation breast cosmetic surgery can lead to complication or death. This is not to say that great doctors exist and great surgeries occur daily, as a note.

Thus I have taken a photo of my all natural breasts, knowing the above information, to proudly remind myself I am perfect just the way I am. If you got them, real or fake, bare them and be proud of them. Remembering self breast exams, as even breast cancer occurs in those with implants. [Information credited from Medline & WebMd]

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