Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Product: Babeland's Golden Bullet is My Golden Ticket

Vital to maintaining a healthy sex life is having the knowledge in how to keep it rich with excitement, for both you and your partner. In order to achieve certain levels of bliss and try something new it is strongly recommended to start gazing at adult sex toys, if you do not feel comfortable with such name you may call them toys or martial aids. The most common type of adult sex toy that is turned to for the stimulation of the female is the vibrators, but not just any kind; the bullet vibrator is the best selling of all sex toy options as it stimulates both partners and toys like the Golden Bullet takes the climax of orgasms to brand new heights.

I own several, when I say several –bites lip- I mean about twenty bullet type vibrators of a wide assortment of classifications; I simply love them and highly recommend them to any woman -- be it solo masturbation, a virgin of sex toys, partner play, or achieve a stronger toe curling orgasm. I was excited Babeland had an option for the
Golden Bullet and was more than happy to try and now I am beyond trilled that I did as I have never came across a more powerful and fun bullet vibrator.

I find bullet vibrators to be great because they deliver the buzz straight to the hardening clit that aches for pleasure and play, as I said prior they can be used easily during pray and zap both male and female with the sensation from wonderland. For those looking to start out look no further then the
Golden Bullet sold at Babeland, the product itself is frugal in pricing and with the use of only 2 AA batteries the thrill of vibration is beyond tantalizing! Mmm. Bullets come in a variety of shapes and sizes all stocked by Babeland for taking your pleasure and your orgasm to the apex. They are a true great investment and every woman should own one or five –giggles-.

I love my luxurious Gold Bullet from Babeland, it is the picture perfect sex toy that delivers the definite climax to scream to and keep going from for me. I usually keep going until I can feel the battery weaken, which is why I detest using watch battery bullet vibators. The Gold Bullet takes 2 AA batteries and is powerful beyond belief, the batteries are simple to put in; while the twisting cap fully adjusts speed to deliver the quite buzz that my hungry kitten needs. I have taken this vibrator out in public with me without being caught by anyone but my fiancĂ©, oops; because this little cookie is virtually without a sound. Also I have tested and approved the spashproof function with delicate perfection and no hindering of the product; I would not submerge the item in a tub or a pool personally. My favorite is that this Gold Bullet is larger at 2 and ¾ by ½ than most of its kin so it packs a powerful punch to the clit; the construction is very strong and durable for a long lasting tool and it’s make up is metallic-coated plastic. It does not ship with a battery which is perfect to the fiery hot south; you do not want your toy to be skipped with acid right?

Frugal Pricing: $15

Buzz Volume 5 out of 5
Functionality 5 out of 5
Intensity 5 of out 5
Website: Please note this toy takes 2 AA batteries not the N battery
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