Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mmm: Vajazzle Your Vagina

Vajazzling is the new trend
…have you thought about it…

Not just popularized but practically invented by the attractively single Jennifer Love Hewitt, many kittens are purring to become vajazzled; I know mine is. Released worldwide June 8, 2010 to be “vajazzled” sensually means to have aesthetic crystals applied to a smoothly shaved vagina for the added ting of sizzling sparkle in a region secret to many; adding sophistication and appeal adhesive kits are being sold in ten various designs in packs of twenty-five (assorted) and can be applied for yourself and your lover in under a minute. For luscious ladies who live near to the elegant Completely Bare spa in New York City, a simple appointment leads to a regal regional excusive treatment fresh with a Brazilian wax; various locations are also participating in such glorified sparkle. Under radar and “with a flare” the Completely Bare spa in New York City has offered such treatment now for over a decade and ladies let me tell you, it’s oh so posh!

Swarovski crystals are lush in their shimmer and each are applied to the top part of the raging kitty; again, of course after the area has been stripped smooth of any lasting follicle. Personally, I an inquiring mind must ask how long does the shimmer last; research shows that the Simply Bare guarantees crystallized placement for five days or replaces the gems for the Vajazzling procedure for free. Now my kitten is ready to try, because all girls now want to be “Vajazzled”.

I must admit, my fierce kitty couldn’t wait the three weeks that are required by the Completely Bare spa for the best results of their magnificent wax. I consistently shave without missing a single day, perhaps a bit obsessive, but the thought of one meager follicle of hair on my honey pot is nearly revolting to me; I take great pride in the daily care of lady parts.

As a tip: Ladies if you have never had the experience of a Brazilian wax via spa treatment, it is as unpleasant as it sounds; heating wax and ripping the hair out in a couple of acute placement of the paper. Yes, it does hurt; but if you are planning to keep this up you may indeed get used to it or if you are a kinksters who orgasms with pain this is perfect for you. I prefer a fresh shave, daily; with baby powder and baby lotion for that supple splurge. If you do such at home as I wish to attempt I’m unsure if you must wax or shave very meticulously as I do.
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